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 Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22

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PostSubject: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Fri May 17, 2013 1:50 pm

Pruned 8-2-13 -SS

We will basically be doing the first plan I developed for the 15th.  I will be making some changes based on experience and lessons learned with this past game.

A note: We've talked a lot about the past tactics of JG1.  In the practice round we did a great job of handing them their rear ends.  If I were sitting in their position today I would be dramatically altering my approach.  So on the 22nd look for indications of changes in tactics, as well as indications they are not.  I intend to keep ours diverse enough that they will have a hard time guessing about what were going to do.  Some assignments will be aimed at misleading them, such as this plan that includes attacking all their balloons early in the game.

In your spare time flying start practicing for the finali now.
Finding moving tanks is difficult.  Many online servers have them.  Start learning to find them.  Hint- it's a lot easier to spot them from the sunny side.  We cant protect what we cant find.
In QMB or online start learning to kill artillery guns.  Especially learn to straif them.  Our planes have the guns to do the job and we can take them out faster without having wait for Bristol pilots to get another plane with bombs.  Not to mention they can bring 3 guns to the job.


For sign up please post name and plane.  

For Bristol pilots list task in order of preference, Bomber, recon, arty, trench.  

Please note that we will not be conducting arty and trench at the start, but if you prefer those over bomber and recon than list it that way.  I will make use of this info in this match and future matches.

SE5 pilots
If you feel comfortable flying a Bristol mission please post what missions you feel confident with.

Bristol pilots
If you feel comfortable flying an SE5 please post so.

I need to know who I can swap out if necessary.


Short synopsis:
We will start by immediately inserting the recon and bomber planes into the backfield targets while keeping the enemy unaware of their presence.
First by sending them in below 100'.
Second by attacking all their balloons right at the start while firing flares from the positions of the balloons to give the impression of more aircraft around each balloon.
Third by providing a high escort along the ingress route which will draw off any enemy in their path.

We will follow this up by getting as many SE5s in the backfield to keep the Bristols safe and speed up their mission as much as possible.

When all 5 targets are done we will all vacate enemy airspace avoiding confrontation by using altitude and speed advantage.

Then we will conduct arty and trench missions under favorable circumstances.

Last we will defend in force.

Here is the  new map
" />

We can get a maximum of 7 points.
2 on the front lines 5 in the back.
We will began by going after the five in the back.

The basic starting distribution will be.

Red Flight - 4 scouts
Blue Flight - 4 scouts
Yellow Flight (WW) - 4 scouts
Green Flight - 4 bombers, 3 recon (The package)

There are currently 18 pilots signed up so the distribution is 12 SE5s, 2 recons, 4 bombers.

First positions to be trimmed if necessary will be one recon and one bomber.
STAR briefing will began 45 minutes before mission.  Choice pilot assignments will be made at that time and remaining positions filled as pilots show up.  If you know you can't get there that early, but WILL arrive before game time your position can be secured by meeting with me on TS before then.

- all will be involved in getting the package safely to the back of the Central lines.
- each 2 plane element will have a separate first task.

The package
- will ingress the front lines as a unit
- ingress will be at or below 100' AGL

The Arty spotting and Trench mapping will will take place based on conditions later in the mission.
-surviving Brisfit pilots
-surviving SE5a pilots
-need for CAP of our assets.

Green Flight
Important!  Due to the nature of this weeks plan it will be necessary to closely control the launch of additional Bristols after the initial launch.  Do not take a trench or arty plane without clearance from the commander.  You can get permission while you are waiting out the 5 minute no fly period when switching to a new aircraft.  Get permission by getting in contact with a scout flight leader who has at least 4 SE5s together in his flight.  Switch yourself to his flight coms.  The SE5 flight leader will contact the commander and inform him of his readiness to to take 4 SE5s to the bomber base and escort the mission.  When the SE5 flight lead tells you his flight is over your airfield and it is clear you may spawn in.  (Assuming 5 minute wait period is over.)

Green Flight will keep an ingress altitude of less than 100' AGL.  Red Flight will escort you at high altitude so the checkpoints will be utilized via TS to keep the two flights togather.  In the plan map is a provided rout that allows for ingress toward north and/or south targets.  Note that in both there is an option to go over a target or not to.  Only overfly the target if it's chosen as active by the server.  If there are two active targets in the north and two active targets in the south you may split the bombers.  In such a case the recon aircraft will accompany the south group.

Alternatively, below is a map with checkpoints provided for an extreme north and south ingress.  Green flight leader will determine which to follow.  Remember, you need to use the checkpoints to remain with Red Flight.

On the ingress flight recon planes will be close support escort.  If the flight is intercepted and will be engaged before Red Flight can intervene the recon planes will jettison any bombs they might have and assist the bombers efforts to withdraw.  The recon planes may assist in the destruction of the train and convoy provided there is more than one recon plane still capable of completing the recon mission.  If at any time only one recon plane is available to finish the mission that plane will refrain from any other activity until mission is complete.

When the back five targets are done notify Red Flight.  Egress shall be at the discretion of the two flight leaders.

Red Flight  
Meet up with Green Flight at way point 2.  Alt up as you go and maintain proximity using TS and way points.  Altitude at flight leads discretion.  The higher the better.  Try to draw off any enemy contacts from the path of Green Flight.  Assist them in finding the train, convoy, and active HQ.  If you find the train the general orders for the campaign apply.  Your discretion of protection and assistance of Green flight in mission and egress to our sides of the lines.  Action after egress will depend on developing situation.

Blue and Yellow flights read your common instructions

Blue Flight,
Will began by attacking the two southern balloons.  
One 2 plane element shall depart Lealvillars and attack the balloon in grid 6.
One 2 plane element shall depart Bretonneux and attack the balloon in grid 12.

Yellow Flight,
Will began by attacking the two northern balloons.
One 2 plane element shall depart Lealvillars and attack the balloon in grid 30 bravo.
One 2 plane element shall depart Lealvillars and attack the balloon in grid 30 charlie.

Common Instructions for Blue/Yellow flights,
Takeoff as soon the green flare signals hostilities begin, or when both aircraft are ready if after the flare.  Head strait for balloon.
Approach target balloon slightly below in a inline formation with enough room for the second aircraft to have an ample firing pass.
The balloon should be dead after both planes make 2 passes, but withdraw west after 3 passes if its still up.  Give the balloon time to raise up and then finish it providing no defensive aircraft are present.
As you finish firing on each balloon pass fire 2 red flares (just like the balloons) to make it look like more aircraft are in the area.
After destroying the balloon retreat to the west and coordinate with your other flight element to group up.
Important!  Until Green Flight returns to our side of the lines having completed the back five missions Blue/Yellow flights are to avoid direct combat. (Only exception - Green flight is nearby and under direct threat.)
Procedure  for engagement during this time:
1 - Fire off two flares of different colors (Yellow, Green, White) This signal means [Enemy Present - Avoid this area]
2 - Retreat away from the enemy in a direction away from Green Flight's flight path or operations area.
3 - When the enemy breaks off you are encouraged to engage in a cat and mouse harrying of the enemy contacts.  Just keep the enemy away from Green Flight.

If after the balloons are down, and your flight of 4 has met up, as long as you don't encounter the enemy, you may choose to proceed to the backfield and assist Green Flight in searching for the unknown targets.  If an enemy presence is encountered use the cat and mouse tactics until necessary to do otherwise.

There may be a need for an escort to the backfield of a Green Flight member due to late arrival, disco, or forced RTB.  This will be arranged by first obtaining the consent from the mission commander for the Bristol aircraft in question to taken by the pilot available to do so.
Also, if the need arises to re-plane, during your 5 minute wait contact the mission commander and let him know another SE5 is being utilized at your base.  If things go well the tracking of SE5 availability will be important in the latter part of the mission.

Finally, after the return of Green Flight to our lines, your assignment will be either escort of an Arty/trench mission or defense of one of our assets.

Checkpoint map
" />
Gentlemen, please have your whispers set up! Everyone should be able to whisper to Entente/Red, Blue, Green and Yellow...you should also add your own flight to the whisper so they can hear you talking to another channel and STFU!

If anybody needs assistance with setting up whispers, please say so before Wednesday Game Time.

And there are a lot of things we're having to repeat over and over that are clearly spelled out in the rules.  Please, please go read them thoroughly.
FIF rules

Please post AARs here after the game. At the top of your AAR (or if you post nothing else) please list.

1 Any events or observations that you think should be considered in future plans.
2 Locations of all active inactive recon targets.
3 If the train, convoy, or any active/inactive recons are spotted outside the expected area (green box on map) post location spotted. VERY IMPORTANT!
4 If you happen to spot the enemy artillery exact location report it. We may try to stop future enemy arty spotting by hitting the guns instead of the aircraft.
5 Try to take and include screenshots for 2, 3, and 4.FIF rules

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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Wed May 22, 2013 5:50 pm

Green and Red flight instructions posted.

A checkpoint map posted at the end of the plan. Green and Red flights need to have this map available in game unless Green leader decides to disregard this option.


There are some changes I haven't had time to post. Attendance at STAR briefing is VERY important.

STAR briefing begins at:

8:15 Eastern Daylight Time

7:15 Central Daylight Time

6:15 Mountain Daylight Time

5:15 Pacific Daylight Time
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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Thu May 23, 2013 12:25 pm

We tried a base cap last time and it didn't really pan out. The problem is by the time we get there, they are gone.

It might be OK to intercept their recons on the way back but it just so tough to spot them in time to be able to shoot them before they get on the ground.

but I think were going to be better served by a front or rear area patrol. Maybe we could try to spread out thin and do a wolf pack thing?

In the last 2-3 missions it seems that they haven't been doing any defense of their rear area at all.

If we see their planes, its usually when we get close to the lines. And as for escort we are about good up to the briefed objective then its just a matter of time before we lose the 2 seaters esp. if we're above 5k. And I really wouldn't want to be much lower than 3-4 to give use a chance to escape when we get jumped.

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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Thu May 23, 2013 12:51 pm


They are not defending, nor have they in any of the matches yet. I think we need to put all of our fighters into interdiction. Get Green across the mud and let that be the end of their cover. Our Bristols are fast enough that we should be able to stay clear if they do decide to change tactics. Humans are creatures of habit though, so I would not expect much of that.

Also consider putting more pilots in the interdiction role. It does not take our entire cadre of bombers to take out the targets we have. Some are only 1 bomb; some just need passing over to complete and some are vulnerable to well-placed bullets.

Do arty spotting and trench mapping first, deciate a wing of 4x Se5as to excort those, then all of those pilots defend. Start on the side that the arty spot is active so that pilot can be relased to defend ASAP and the mission banked. 2 recons and 3 bombers should be able to hunt all the targets, which leaves +/- 13 pilots to hunt the hun. I have no problems flying a Se5a and would volunteer to fly the Arty Spot so that others can bomb things if that's what we want to see happen.

In the end whatever Shnoze wants to us do, I will gladly follow.

My $0.02 worth, adjusted for inflation.

The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to
safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.
--Sun Tzu
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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Thu May 23, 2013 1:48 pm

to add my 2 cents..

defense defense defense. It still all boils down to winning an air battle. If we meet and stop them at the front lines, then the worst case scenario is a tie...0 to 0. We get kill notifications, so if it becomes apparent we have killed more than we lost we can take advantage of numbers in the last 30 mins or so and go on the offensive, and try and get as many as objectives as possible.

But seems to me they are letting us get across and do what we want, the we are letting them get across and doing what they want.
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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Thu May 23, 2013 4:06 pm

meeting the objectives is the only way to ensure victory

While I understood the thinking behind the plan .. I believe it's fault was that Arty Spotting / Recon / Trench Mapping can take more than an hour, and have a fairly high failure rate compared to bombing .. those mission types need to be first .. not in the last hour, or often they can not get done

defense is a losing proposition .. you don't have fighter resources to defend against an escorted enemy group and fighter resources are wasted patrolling where the enemy is not

at least that is my experience .. you have at least some control going for maximum points .. but you are at the mercy of the enemies decisions to be at an advantage on defense, or even find them at all
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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Thu May 23, 2013 4:21 pm

We only have to kill 1 or 2 of their bombers to seriously hurt their game. Is the resource it takes to do that worth 2 points at the end? I would say probably yes. Also worth escorting our front-line missions.

What else can we be doing with our scouts to get points, or keep the enemy from getting points? I don't see attacking enemy bombers as defense, but rather an offense in that they are not getting points, and it is the point difference rather than total points that will set the finale. In this format them not getting points is just exactly as good as us getting points.

The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to
safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.
--Sun Tzu
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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Thu May 23, 2013 6:48 pm

yes .. denying the enemy points is equal to making points

however how many hours have you spent defending a possible target to never have it hit, or patrolled between 2 targets and been late seeing them come in ?

certainly there needs to be a defensive strategy .. but let's not twist the phrase "the best defense is a good offense" around .. let their 2-3 plane defensive patrols ( if they are doing that ) come across our large flights of a dozen or more .. the 2 seaters will get to their assignments just fine

of course, as objectives are done that usually frees pilots for defensive patrols .. but I still consider denial of enemy points secondary, and icying on the cake

defense would be more important if active dromes were targets and you lost the use of the base and/or planes when they are destroyed

just my experience from planning quite a few successful campaigns ..
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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   Thu May 23, 2013 7:19 pm

I like a good defense, but I also am a realist. In the last tournament, we tried a heavy defensive mission and one problem we had was that we also had to find the active targets (we don't know which are active...they do) then spread ourselves thin and hope they crossed our path.

I'd personally be in favor of a kind of two-tiered BARCAP - overlapping patrol areas near or at the front, maybe different altitudes, maybe parallel paths. Seems we stand a fair chance of catching them coming or going. Couple it with good tactics and we could do some real hurt to them.

Train the way you'll fight and fight the way you've trained; and above all -- remember the mission!
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PostSubject: Re: Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22   

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Sign up and battle plan for FIF, May 22
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