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 Sign up and battle plan for FIF May 15th

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PostSubject: Sign up and battle plan for FIF May 15th   Thu May 09, 2013 6:50 pm

Pruned 8-2-13 -SS

Not sure yet if this will be the real deal or another warmup.

Post name and plane


Shnoze Shmon
Navy Jake
WWSitting Duck



For the plan I've been cogitating on, need 1-3 more Brisfit and 1 more SE5a pilots to fill it up.  Yeah that's 19-21 pilots.

HammerHead, since you are willing to fly either plane, if Flybert and WhiteAce are confirmed I will put you in a recon Brisfit.  That will provide the main complement I'm looking for.

Want to start giving you an idea of the plan.  I will add to and flesh this out as time permits over the weekend.  I may not get any maps done until Monday.  Please hold your thought and discussions until I get it all posted.

Here is the map
" />

We can get a maximum of 7 points.
2 on the front lines 5 in the back.
We will began by going after the five in the back.

The basic starting distribution will be.

Red Flight - 4 scouts
Blue Flight - 4 scouts
Yellow Flight (WW) - 4 scouts
Green Flight - 4 bombers, 3 recon  (The package)

- all will be involved in getting the package safely to the back of the Central lines.
- each 2 plane element will have a separate first task.

The package
- will ingress the front lines as a unit
- ingress will be at or below 100' AGL

The Arty spotting and Trench mapping will will take place based on conditions later in the mission.
-surviving Brisfit pilots
-surviving SE5a pilots
-need for CAP of our assets.

Originally I thought about trying to get the package across the mud as fast as possible.  But the more the Huns alt up the safer they are so we will be checking a few of our assets to see if they are active to give us a delay AND to get our scouts to altitude as well.  Don't let determining active status slow down your climb to altitude.  It's nice info to have at this point, not mission critical.

Green flight ...

Red Flight ...

(Specifics to be added)

Please post AARs here after the game.  At the top of your AAR (or if you post nothing else) please list.

1 Any events or observations that you think should be considered in future plans.
2 Locations of all active inactive recon targets.
3 If the train, convoy, or any active/inactive recons are spotted outside the expected area (green box on map) post location spotted.  VERY IMPORTANT!
4 If you happen to spot the enemy artillery exact location report it.  We may try to stop future enemy arty spotting by hitting the guns instead of the aircraft.
5 Try to take and include screenshots for 2, 3, and 4.

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Sign up and battle plan for FIF May 15th
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