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 Sign Up and battle plan for FIF May 29th

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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up and battle plan for FIF May 29th   Thu May 30, 2013 5:22 pm

No.42_Zed wrote:
the Bristol though a wonderful plane, does not have a flight direction lever in the bombsight causing you to get out of level stabs reorient on the compass from the cockpit check in bombsight readjust and get into level stabs in a matter of seconds.

You don't need to leave level stabs. Use autopilot turn to correct your course. I have left shift Z and left shift X, those may be default. I just ran a test run on JG1 server and that's how I followed the trenches. I have more findings but will post them in the trench thread.

Also, one mission screwed up doesn't get anybody pulled from a task. (I'd be in big trouble with myself.) Task assignments are based on where I need bodies, what the priority is, and who is available to fill it. If I put you someplace else, it's because I need you someplace else.
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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up and battle plan for FIF May 29th   Fri May 31, 2013 2:43 pm

Wow...took most of my lunch to read all this...

..the one I would chime in on is Zebs comment that a trench mapper cannot be in a flight lead position trying to respond to requests to others.
Once Zeb is in the bombsite view trying to follow the outside trench, that is his entire focus. All other flyers have to react to what Zeb is doing, protect him and stay out of his way. When Adler wanted us to fly in formation with four planes all trench mapping the same map in Bloody April, I thought he was nuts. Once I get lined up, I got nothing on my mind but following the frikken trench.

So if this is the Mea Culp thread, I have a few too.

I was in green flight, and had two game freezes ( time to update my graphics driver perhaps?), figured I lost two planes and I better be done for the night.

Instead of reporting back to the commander I stayed on Comm's with Green Flight for almost a half hour helping plot Convoy routes on the map. This was helpful, we found the convoy but with a half hour to go realized we needed one more bomber to fly to destroy it. Went back to the two seater base and realized we still had one Arty Spot plane and one trench Mapper available sitting there the whole time. I took the Arty Spot and was able to get to the convoy with Stubby and Bayo's help and destroy it. ( One scary moment as I passed by Assevillers and saw two Pfalz's pass 500 feet or so above me going the other way...whew, never saw me, great mission immersion high point for me, I was seriously puckering up!!) .Another 42 Bomber caught up with me at almost the same time. ( sorry still learning the names Space maybe?)

The point is there was plenty of time for one more try at the Trench mapping if I had reporter back to the MC instead of freelancing as ground support. Considering we had two planes that made it to bomb the convoy, we could have rung up the whole board!

But Hey probably time to put the Mea Culpa's away and break out the Carpe Diem's for next week!


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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up and battle plan for FIF May 29th   Fri May 31, 2013 3:39 pm

No, the escorted plane/flight is not necessarily calling shots for fighters...but fighters stay with the Escorted until the Escorted says they are free to hunt on their own. Which should be about the time wheels touch ground on landing - we've seen them bounce us on final before.

Train the way you'll fight and fight the way you've trained; and above all -- remember the mission!
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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up and battle plan for FIF May 29th   

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Sign Up and battle plan for FIF May 29th
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