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 Stratigic FIF XVI thread

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PostSubject: Stratigic FIF XVI thread   Thu May 09, 2013 6:46 pm

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This thread is not for signup or battle plans for a specific mission, but for setting campaign wide strategy.

Not writing these in stone yet and will edit as discussion merits.  (But squirrels expect to be agreed with so yes men are welcome.   )

First priority
each week will be to accomplish all missions as quickly as possible.  All efforts and resources will began the session initially employed towards this goal in one manner or another.  The manner will change from week to week.  Aircraft may not necessarily be directed at a mission, but will be used in a manner that helps assure mission success and speed.

We will force Central to make an effort to keep up.
Doing so will guarantee at least a draw in the final week.
The earlier the first priority is reached the more effective the second priority can be.

The fact that completing all missions in a week may not be possible is acknowledged and flexibility will be part of each weeks plan.

Second priority each week will be to deny 1 to 3 missions to Central in mass.  After efforts are made on the first priority we will determine location of targets in our territory that are not yet obtained by Central and CAP them with heavy numbers.

We simply want to keep them from getting more points and hopefully gain points on them.  Even one or two points each week should make a huge difference in the final mission.
They need to spend more time on our side of the mud.

I think the best way to win both aggressive and defensive missions is to be all in on both.  And the way this campaign is set up the aggressive is far more important even though it's also more risky.

To achieve this goal we have some important information.

The train, convoy, and HQ get closer to the front each week.

Recommend either printing this map or put it in your second monitor while flying.
" />

In the above map the area those target should be in each week are blocked out.
Week 1 blue
Week 2 green
Week 3 orange
Week 4 red

This should help in locating these targets quickly.
The railroads and roads are clearly marked on this map and we know the convoys follow the roads.
The HQs are easy to spot this time and the active should not be difficult to determine.

For convenience the active aerodromes are marked.

The purple line mid mud is a general demarcation between safe/captured forced landings.  Try to get this far if you can't reach the grass.

If your flying recon please note we have 8 airfields in the forward battle zone.  It would be helpful intel if anyone can take the time to determine the conditions of these fields before next week so we don't have recon planes pranging props due to lack of info.

Other intel that needs to be obtained each week is locations of inactive HQs.  Having this info might prove useful in finding them the next week even though they will be closer to the front.  So try to take screens of all 4 HQs and note locations.

I want to create a redundancy policy with regards to subtitles.  All flight leads should take screenshots of any subtitles they see as well as any pilots involved in causing those subtitles.  This ensures we have the evidence needed should server problems cause us to lose credit for accomplished missions.

Returning Recon and Trench mapping aircraft that land successfully shall:
1 Take a screenshot of the subtitle confirming mission success.
2 If fuel remains to continue flying, takeoff and conduct secondary mission according to current plan.

Rules of engagement

Any aircraft spotting the train (except recon) should take it out.
First report to flight your position then attack.
Only expend ordinance on the engine.
The train is too simple a target to waist the time and resources of more than one aircraft once it is found.

Unless otherwise engaged attack any aircraft on the ground.
Try to kill the pilot.
Feel free to use bombs.
If you are above a fight watching for more enemies or waiting to be needed then also look for enemies retreating from the fight.  If you see one run then pursue and destroy.
If you see a plane spawn take the risk and try to damage it.

The Pfalz is slower than anything we have.  Even a fully loaded Brisfit.  Make use of that.
The Pfalz can outmaneuver anything we have.  NEVER forget that.

We want their pilots and planes removed from the session.

We could not find this bridge in the May 15th practice game.  Here it is.
" />

Latest changes will be in red
Prior changes will be in Blue

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PostSubject: Re: Stratigic FIF XVI thread   Thu May 09, 2013 9:12 pm

Looks like we will have 11 bombers of mixed mission types each Wednesday- 3 recon, 4 bomber, 2 trench, 2 arty. Only the 4x bombers can bomb all. The recon, trench mapping and arty spotting can only bomb the truck convoy and train. The convoy is going to be larger vehicles so it will be a little easier to find.

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Stratigic FIF XVI thread
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