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 Out of Memory Errors

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PostSubject: Out of Memory Errors   Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:54 pm

Hiyas! I am having this problem and I know others are. I have compiled my research on the subject here:

Defined terms:
OMEs - Out of Memory Errors
CTDs - Crash To Desktop

This is only a 32 Bit system problem. 64 bit systems are not likely to encounter this error unless they have too little RAM. It is an Online Error ONLY and occurs when downloading (done automatically by ROF) Skin files from other players. The error usually shows up as the Albatross Skin as it is alphabetically the first skin to be downloaded.

Here's what to do:

1st: Open Options, General Tab, Customizations then; uncheck: 'Show custom paint skins in multiplayer'. You will see your custom skin, others will see your custom skin but you won't see their's! Better than OMEs :-)

2nd: Turn you SOUND QUALITY down! All we hear are engines, guns, and wind anyway! Go to Options, Sound (if you launch the ROF Updater) or (Audio) in game. FIRST change your sound quality from High to Med, (Medium) then start bring your sound counts down. I use 64 as you really need a great Sound Card to take advantage of 128 counts. I turn my interface sound off, your call on that.

3rd: Turn your TEXTURES down! Go to Options, Graphics (if you launch the ROF Updater) or (Video) in game. In the launcher find the center column, Quality Settings, 6th option down; Textures and change your Texture quality settings from High to Med, (Medium). Online, go to Video tab then down 3 sections: Screen, Image, QUALITY; Then 5th option down on the left side, Textures detail - drop it from High to Med (medium). You will have to restart the game!

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Out of Memory Errors
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