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 CTD's An Intermediate Fix

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PostSubject: CTD's An Intermediate Fix   Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:51 pm

S! All,

The Intermediate fix - Restart the game after EVERY online mission!

New! 6/5/12 In Graphics settings or Video settings turn textures down to Medium

If you have a SATA connected SSD, Solid State Drive (hard drive) Install ROF on that drive. No don't use a thumb drive or a external USB anything. SATA SSD only

FWIW - this says there is a HUGH!! memory leak in the game.

FYI! IL-2 has this memory leak too. Do a Shift+Tab then type the command GC which actually stands for: Garbage Can :-) frees up the memory. Try this, IL-2 guys. It can be done while flying and/or at any time!
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CTD's An Intermediate Fix
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