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 Wing Walkers Schedule Update

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Wing Walkers Schedule Update Empty
PostSubject: Wing Walkers Schedule Update   Wing Walkers Schedule Update EmptySat Feb 07, 2015 5:59 pm

In January I took on the position as CO for the Wing Walkers.  

I wanted to let you know that we will be flying ROF every other Tuesday.  One of those nights we likely will be server raiding on New Wings, but on the other we will have a planned mission with a server up.  I will typically post here when we are flying ROF, you guys have an open invitation to join us on TS for the Mission flying nights.

Has been hard for us to particpate in FIF because the event is back to back with our regular meeting, and this is not intended to compete with any prep flying you guys are doing for your tournament.  Basically just sharing the info and welcoming you to join is if you would like to.

I believe you have our TS info, but send me a note if you need it

Here is the info for this Tuesday
Tuesday Feb 10th
6:30 PST
WWROF Server, Mods Off
Our usual password ( join us on comms and will give that to you)

"Morning Attack at Lille"
Sopwith Pups, Sopwith Triplanes, Nieuport  17's and RE8's
Albatros D3, Albatros 2 Late,  PfalzD.IIIa, Fokker DR1 and Halberstadt

Conditions are bad, heavy snow...going to experiment with icons on but no externals, a new option with the patch.  Will give you the option to go full real or use icons if you have difficulty navigating

This is a modification of a pretty wonderful mission by Fawlty at the Old Fokkers. I've added a few German bases so we can support some flyers on both sides.  For the Entente flyers everyone starts as a Scout patrolling the line, replane at the south base and escort RE8's to the bombing site.  Bombers are available for those that want to go with the RE8's.  Will be looking for at least three our four flyers to fly OP4

The key target is the factory that has its chimney's lit

Here is the map
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Thanks guys...
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Wing Walkers Schedule Update
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