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 777 Info for ROF

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PostSubject: 777 Info for ROF   Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:50 am

From: Jason Williams

Quote :

We are working on another Hotfix to correct many (hopefully all) of the bugs contained in 1.33b. 1.33c should be available by the end of the week, if not, then next week.

Yes, the view system will be back to normal and the elevator issue will be fixed. There will be other small fixes as well including ones you pointed out here on the forum. Once 1.33c is out, we will then be focusing on completing our development schedule for BOS and IM. Any ROF related news after that I will let you know.

Also, Historical and Fictional skin pack creation will be given over to Panthercules when Viks can find time to train him on how to do it. When that happens exactly we do not know, but we do know that we no longer have the time. Please be patient and you will eventually get some new skin packs.

Thanks for your understanding. Times are hectic for the team.

Ok, so we have 1.33c - What was fixed:
Quote :
1. Fixed: view system not working and saving head position with F10 key. Both pilot and gunner positions.
2. Fixed: Pan and Snap views super slow and speed controls not having an effect whether set in game or in launcher.
3. Fixed: Planes loose ALL elevator control when in a spin. They lock up and no way to recover.
4. Fixed: Some planes have a different Camera Spin in the hangar than the rest.
5. Fixed: Propeller disk is different and "uglier" on HD.2 than HD.1.
6. Fixed: The back end of the barrel shroud is missing on guns on HD.1 and HD.2, which means the player can look right through the inside of the gun.
7. Fixed: Throttle and mixture animations are backwards for HD-1 and HD-2. The other way is historically correct.
8. Fixed: Speed gauge shows Indicated Airspeed instead of True Airspeed for HD-1 and HD-2.
9. Fixed: No cocking sound for the balloon guns even with engine off.
10. Fixed: If their is wind blowing and the HD.2 starts to move a bit, the engine will not start no matter what you do.
11. Fixed: Squadron skins for squad 101501 in Career Mode (CAM Dunkerque) for HD.2s are not showing.
14. Fixed: Photo missions for Strutter in Career Mode missiing.
15. Fixed: Strutter B should have bombsight.
16. Fixed: Luascripts of barbed03 object still missing.

When will we see skins? At my age I may not live that long......

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PostSubject: Re: 777 Info for ROF   Sat Aug 30, 2014 5:40 pm

I read someplace that Panthercules will be doing the skins as soon as he is taught how to do them per the devs. There are whole big bunches that are needed to be reviewed and then they have to do their magic to them for in game use....


1) no long walks on short piers   affraid
2) no dunking your head underwater 3 times and only coming up for air twice  No
3) no double dares or red ryder bb guns ( you'll shoot your eye out ! )   cyclops  

remember these and a few zillion more that take too long to type  study
and we shall see the new skins sooner than later we all hope  santa
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777 Info for ROF
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